So I woke up with on the morning of 12/29/14 with the urge to go west.  I did this by hopping on the 40W highway. My first stop took me to a waterfall at one of the NC state parks. It was raining but I needed the time alone and it was an easy hike.

One my way to my next unknown destination. My brakes light came on the dash board. Cool! Time to go home. After driving for a while doing around 65 mph I hit my breaks. Nothing! I got a problem, so I pull off at the next exit and coast to a stop using my emergency brake and my not so bad driving skills. Now I am stuck. I am stuck in Hickory, NC. I call AAA and get one of the rudest customer service reps I have encountered. She was horrible! My AAA tow truck drive however was awesome. He was funny and professional. He took me to an  auto place, and they told me that they could work me in tomorrow.

I decided to stay the night in a motel that was down the street from the auto shop. Man, I am going to show some pictures of the place and I am going to say that I will never stay at this place nor would I recommend it to anyone who I remotely like. 

The next morning my vehicle is ready by noon and cost 20.00 less then the estimate. Nice! I leave and visit a local art museum. This place was awesome. Really! If you are in Hickory you must take the time to visit. It is the only art museum in the area. 

One the way home, I decided on one more stop. Another state park type area. The guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. 

Finally made it home! If you want to hear about a little side story of what happen when I went to check out of the "Inn" then let me know.

Until the next adventure!